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all eyes (not) on me

I was a big, fat, brat Monday and Tuesday.

I was grouchy, impatient, snappy, and rude. I was full of anxiety and worry, and it seemed to come out in the form of straight ugliness across an array of non related issues.

If I’m honest, I’ve allowed the last couple of weeks to wind me up in a tight knot. It was inevitable something yucky would eventually spill out.

We had something at church Tuesday night, and during worship, I began to take a deep breath and settle down.

As we sang “We Believe” (the one by the Newsboys), I began to feel so incredibly selfish. I am made for Jesus, yet so often I forget this simple truth and live for myself.

I sang the words feeling so convicted, yet having a hard time pinpointing what exactly was causing me to feel this way.

As I drove to work the next morning, I asked God to open my eyes to what specifically I needed to repent of.

Did he ever.

During my Bible study Wednesday, the Lord illuminated my heart to the why I had asked Him about only hours earlier.

I was reading in Jeremiah and intended to read all of chapter 2.

I only got through the first two verses!

Verse two reminded me of the church of Ephesus in Revelation, the one who forsook their first love.

Just as the Israelites in Jeremiah chapter 2, they were once on fire and passionate about God, intimate with him and fervent. Eager to please.

Revelation also talks about their patient suffering, much like the “barren wilderness” the Israelites trusted God through in the Jeremiah passage.

Sadly, the Israelites completely abandoned the Lord.

But the church of Ephesus was a little different.

I think they probably thought they were fervent as ever.


Because they were going through the motions.

Jesus said they were working hard and patiently enduring. They didn’t tolerate evil and dug into scripture to test false prophets. They even “patiently suffered” for Jesus without quitting.

They sound like they’ve got it all together, right!?


They were going through the motions of obedience.

They were doing what they knew to do, but there was no love behind it.

They placed their eyes on things of God but took their eyes off God himself.

They forgot their first love.

I feel like I’ve been in a recent season of Ephesus. I have been so self-focused and have gone through the motions with God. Things aren’t “bad,” but they’re a little stale.

The last couple of weeks have been hard. Like the Ephesians, I feel like I’ve been exercising patient endurance. My quiet times have been ho-hum and I have focused so much on myself.

My needs, my worries, me, me, me.

I pray to Jesus about it all, but my heart is still more focused on myself, and asking Him to help me, and do something for me.

No praise for Him just being beautiful Jesus.

Not fully letting go of the worry.

When I read Revelation 2:4 it stings.


It hurts my heart to think Jesus would feel this way, but after my actions over the last couple weeks, I can certainly see it.

I don’t want to take my eyes off Him! I don’t want to be so anchored in all these “light and momentary” worries and troubles the Bible says will come our way.

Yet, for the last couple of weeks I’ve allowed them to consume me.

We are going through a trial now. He allowed it, and through the pain and confusion, I see His hands at work through it all.

I say I’m trusting, but maybe I am like church of Ephesus who thought they were, but in the process of all this patient endurance, my affections have been eaten up by the waiting, watching, and worrying.

I’m putting the condition that He “fix” this problem as I think he should so I can finally fully look to Him and love Him without this nuisance ever before me.

I know I can’t place conditions on Him. I know we are called to love him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength- not when He does what we think He should.

He’s not a genie in a bottle. He’s the Holy of Holies.

I would venture most of us agree we don’t simply I want to go through the motions of life and love. There’s no excitement in that, and our God is an exciting and intimate God that desires our fellowship. 

Just like our relationships here on earth, if we’re not working on being intentional and present, they can become stagnant.

I know how I would feel if Will just did the same thing everyday and never made an effort to keep things fresh and interesting, and I know the same can be said for how he’d feel if I did the same.

Similarly, I want to actively seek the Lord. Not focus on myself or just go down the same monotonous prayer requests.

I want to allow the Spirit to fan the flame of romance, and I want to respond to His call. I want to abide in Him so that I will bear fruit.

I decided to write down ways to refresh my daily relationship with Jesus enjoy Him for who He is in specific ways.

1. Praise in the morning
Usually my mornings are spent going over the day ahead or fretting about an upcoming meeting. Instead, I am going to spend the mornings in praise for who God is and nothing else.

2. Pray scripture and promises
I want to claim the promises in the scripture and speak His word back to Him. Less whining, more praying promises.

3. Sing and mean it
If I’m just mindlessly singing the words to a praise song, I am going to turn the radio off. No empty words, just praise.

4. Surrender my worries and daily trust Jesus during this trial
I must daily surrender my worries to Him and trust. This will be the hardest element but worth the effort.

I am so thankful God refocused my affections back on Him and off myself. He sure is faithful to show us when we ask!

May we pursue Him fiercely today simply for who He is, and not what pain He can remove, or what He can do for us.

May we enjoy Him for Him alone, our first love. 

Thursday Things, 16 April 15

My Ipsy came in Monday. 

It was like a birthday present to myself.

Do you get tired of me telling you how great all the stuff inside is?

I get it.

I’m sorry.

Not gonna lie, though, this one was yet another winner.

I’m just applied the perfume rollerball that was in the bag and am currently inhaling my wrist. Fantastic.

We’ll discuss next Thursday.

I’ve made roasted asparagus with every.single.meal I’ve prepared at home

For the last two weeks.

Real life.

Easter brunch goodness

I’ve said it a million times, I make things I like for days and weeks on end and then forget about them for like the next two years.

Please don’t let me forget about my asparagus.


The Garage Sale

Yes, the garage sale, as if it were an epic sale of all sales.

I think my mom is going to have a garage sale, and Will and I are going to hook on and make it a joint one.

I think I’m completely underestimating the level of headache that’s going to come from trying to identify, sort, tag, and sell all our stuff.

We should have started waaaay earlier.

Plus Will and I have completely different opinions on keep versus sell. 

I’ve already told him we’re going to make it a like a game. We each get veto power on a certain amount of items. We also get a certain amount of items that are off the table in terms of keeping or selling.

Perhaps that will help keep us motivated and on track.

Probably not.

Workweek Hustle

As in the workweek hustle Fitbit challenge.

Guys, some of these people get fierce with this challenge.

Purposely booking the far away conference rooms so we can’t use them and are stuck using the ones closer to our own desks.

Others faking injury so we think they’re out of the game only to be completely shocked when they sync their steps and see they’ve been logging marathon like numbers.

Like, I kind of think some see how far behind they are and literally walk in place in the middle of their living room until the very second the challenge ends just to make sure they’re declared the winner.

(Mostly) for real.

It makes for awkward water cooler talk…

Sometimes you’re the windshield

Sometimes you’re the bug.

I was the bug.

My birthday didn’t start out so wonderfully.

An asteroid came careening out of he sky and forcefully struck my windshield Tuesday morning.

The result? A giant crack. With several other peripheral knicks and cracks (seriously- what hit me!?).  Apparently Will thinks they’re too deep to fix with a quick call to Safe Lite.

That means we’ll have to gift ourselves a new windshield! Woo hoo! What I’ve always wanted.

It definitely did not start my day off on the right foot.

The breakup

Here goes (yet another) a crazy confession:

I totally love the Air One morning radio show hosts Eric and Mandy.

They have this beautiful friendly chemistry and humor and are so relatable.


So when Eric left the show a few months ago, I was sad! They get me to work and I always enjoy their banter with each passing mile.

Eric can’t leave! What’s Eric without Eric AND Mandy!?

In case you’re wondering, he’s just, Eric. Ha!

Anyway, this week Mandy announced her departure from the morning slot and that she is moving into the mid morning show instead.

The show I don’t listen to because I’m already at work.

Not gonna lie, I’m sad and am going to miss that goofy bird on my commute to work.

I’m sure the new guys will be ok, but they’re no Eric and Mandy. smile

What’s up, cupcake?
After the windshield incident and a crazy day at work, I was more than ready to be home and do absolutely nothing.

Except, that wasn’t the plan! I was home long enough to change clothes and head to the church for an event.

We rode with my parents and they were so sweet and surprised me with six beautiful giant assorted cupcakes.

What's up cupcake?

My favorite in OKC. 

Thankfully we got home a little early and I treated myself to one two.

What's up cupcake?

Hey, it doesn’t count on your birthday!

That’s it for today. Anything you care to share? 

WIOW: All About Metabolisims

Since we talked 30s yesterday, I thought we’d carry it into today, too.

Let’s talk metabolism, gals.

And how it’s not getting any faster as we age.

In fact, quite the opposite! Some researchers suggest the average person’s metabolism can slow by 1% a year after 30 (Gannet).

Not only that, many of us sit behind a desk all day, have kids, commute forever, and eat on the go.

Many of us aren’t as active as we used to be, but our lifestyles haven’t changed to accommodate.

We eat the same way we did when we were 22, but move far less.


That’s a big reason why.

Things seem grim, but before we swear off exercise and start pounding cronuts, there’s hope.

Here are a few contributors to slow metabolisms, as well as ways to keep them revved. Definitely worth discussing at your next doctor appointment.

Some reasons our metabolisms slow

1. Hormones

No surprise here.

They get blamed for everything!

A study at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center noted a natural lack of estrogen receptors in the brain due to aging caused mice to gain weight without consuming more calories.

Apparently they also concluded the same principle could apply to humans. Yikes! People often add as much as 10% of their body weight per decade because of how our hormones change with age.

The fix?
Definitely something to discuss at our next doctor visit if we feel we might be affected by this one!

They can offer sound advice and treatment based on hormone levels.

2. Stress

Another one that’s not surprising.

I’m sure we’ve all heard it a million times, especially if you watch late night infomercials trying to sell the next miracle drug- stress leads to weight gain.

Stress increases cortisol, which harms our metabolisms. It contributes to increased belly fat and its signal can also cause overeating.

Overrating leads to weight gain.

Weight gain leads to slowed metabolisms.

It’s a terrible cycle.

The fix?
This is another one to discuss win our docs.

Additionally, managing our stress is so important. Easier said than done, right!?

Things like plenty of sleep, good nutrition, exercise, prayer, community, and avoiding negative situations can all help us better manage the stress in our lives.

3. Sitting

I have no idea if this is credible, but someone told me it takes just 20 minutes in any fixed position to slow the metabolism.

I’ve read and been told dozens of times sitting is the new smoking.  It definitely affects our health, so I’m sort of inclined to error on the safe side and believe it!

The fix?
Get up and move!

Muscle mass is out biggest ally for keeping metabolisms up because muscle stays active even long after we’ve hit the gym.

We cannot underestimate the importance of resistance training when it comes to continued caloric burn and a revved metabolism.

When we’re at the office, it’s also important to get up once an hour, or even just stand during phone calls!

4. Not enough zzzz

According to a joint German and Swiss study, not sleeping enough reduces the amount of energy your body uses at rest, resulting in slower metabolic functions and caloric burn.

Not only that, but when I’m tired from the night before, my workouts either suffer, or are nonexistent. That’s not helping my metabolism either!

The fix?
Create an environment for sleep. Remove distractions. Turn off all media at least 30 minutes before bed. Keep your rook dark and cool. I’ve also heard essential oils can work wonders in assisting with relaxation and better sleep. I’m for all of the above!

5. Not eating enough OR eating too much.
Both can mess with a person’s metabolism. When you drastically reduce calories, your body goes into starvation mode and slows down to conserve the available energy. Eating too much doesn’t do much better, especially when it’s coupled with no exercise or motivation to burn off the extra caloric intake.

The fix?
Eat mindfully. Bring snacks to avoid “hanger” and binges later. For goodness sake, eat breakfast, too! I don’t think we need to cover this one too much.

Obviously there are tons more we could list here, but I just found it helpful to create a consolidated spot of these things. It will help me be more mindful! Especially the sitting part.

As I continue to get older and my metabolism slows, I want to stay mindful of combatting the pitfalls and staying on my game.  smile

That’s it for today, friends! Here’s to healthier metabolisms!

Check in tomorrow for more fun, my dearies. 

32: There’s Room for Cupcakes

I’m 32 today, which is weird considering I barely remember turning 31.


Like years past (and mostly because I lack creativity today), I thought I’d share some deep and meaningful life lessons from the 30s. Ha!

1. Flossing is way more important than we thought.

No seriously.

I mean, I know out dentists literally crammed this truth down our throats all.our.lives. but the truth is, they’re actually right.

Before I hit 30 I had always been a noncommittal flosser. One or two times a week. Let’s not get crazy here!


Now I’m religious.

In fact, if we’re ever out together and you have a giant piece of broccoli in your teeth (hey, it happens) not only will I gently tell you, but I’ve got you covered on the floss. It’ll be in my purse.

Real friendship, y’all.

Since we’re talking hygienic stuff…

2. Shaving my face changed my life.

Not kidding.

If you’re not doing it, start.


3. I’m completely comfortable having no idea who Meghan Trainor or Iggy Azalea are, or what the Kardashians are up to.

I’m old. It’s ok. I’d rather do a better job keeping up with people I know in real life instead.

3. The world will not crumble if I don’t workout six days a week.

My affections used to be completely focused on health and fitness stuff.

Six days a week, rigid eating, no treats.


Don’t get me wrong, that stuff is still important to me, but I’ve found life is much more than push-ups and protein powder.

There’s room for cupcakes.

4. I’m completely fine admitting Will is my better half.

Sure, we joke about it, and I tell him I’m the better half, but seriously- Will is the best part of Will and Brittny.

No jokes, all serious.

I pray for Will daily, but multiple times throughout the week I’ll also just praise God for Will and wonder why He blessed a blonde ditzy mess like me with such a solid rock like Will.


5. I’m never going to be ok when it’s above 85 degrees.

I’ve tried. Oh I’ve tried.

I turn into a complete sweaty mess if I have to be outside for extended periods when it’s hot.

I hate it, but it happens.

I wish I could attend your outdoor wedding at noon this July, but I can’t.

I’m doing this for you.

The focus should be on the bride. Not the weird 30- something chick that just passed out in a puddle of sweat in front of all your guests.

6.  I’m still not entirely sure what I want to do with my life.

I know, I know! I should have my life together and a little more figured out by now.

The truth is, though, I just don’t. My five year plan is a little hazy these days.

(And when did a five year plan become a thing? I have a suspicion Billy Graham, George Washington, or Mother Theresa didn’t have a mapped out five year plan or “inspiration boards,” or a “word for the year” and they turned out ok in my book)

7. I eat fish, and I’m going to keep eating fish.

In fact, I need to update my “about me” section.

I shared my post about struggling with my commitment to full blown veganism about a year ago.

While I still follow a 90% vegetarian diet, I eat fish a couple times of week these days.

8. I’ve realized how much sweeter life is in the passenger seat.

Believe me, I’ve driven my own life for a very long season, and it was miserable.

Wrong turns, flat tires, and lots of car trouble.

As I get older I find such peace in letting go and trusting Jesus. I never want to take the wheel again.

9. I love being at home.

I hate to admit this, but over the years I think I’ve become a bit more of an introvert.

Not with people I know, but more so with social media.

I don’t take a bazillion trips to amazing places or eat the most Instagram-able foods.

I honestly like being at home with Will and the dogs, or with my family or a few close friends. 

You may call me a curmudgeon, but I just call myself a little unadventurous most days. smile

10. I want to be braver.

I’ve gotten better in my old age, but I’m still quite timid! I want 32 to be a year of stepping out and taking risks.

So yeah. Lots of deep thoughts today (haha). I want to be present and enjoy 32. I want to step away from the phone and live in the moment. I want to eat pizza and not freak out, or let my house get a little dusty every now and then (um, you’re going to help me remember I just said that).

Here’s to actually living.

Here’s to 32.

Brittny Flint-2nd birthday

The Red & White One & a Look Ahead

Vet day


Chilly after froyo
Baby Peppers!

2015 Red and White game!
2015 Red and White game!

2015 Red and White game!

Sushi, movie, and on the couch with Will.

A trip to the vet for the Bigs’ shots (and Rocky marked the exam room chair. Wee!), watching Frozen for the first time with Layla, a frozen yogurt date with Layla and my parents (we got chilly afterward!), the OU Red and White game with Will and my dad, sushi and movies with Will (he got a burger instead ha!), workouts, house stuff, and the usual.

It was a great weekend.

This is my first full week to work in three weeks!

Here’s a look at what’s ahead this week:

-Thursday Things
And more!

Now off to tackle a big Monday ahead. Here’s to hoping we make it a good one! 

when all we want is a neon sign

A precious sister in the Lord spoke such profound life into my heart this week, and I had to share it today.

Friends, there are things in my life not going how I planned. 

It’s left me befuddled, wondering which way is up.

Yet, through it all I have had both clear scripture regarding God’s care and provision, as well as a peace that truly does surpass all understanding.

But I’m still befuddled.

I’m still wondering which way is up.

God is near, but His roadmap for what’s next isn’t.


I’d really like to get my hands on that roadmap.

Will told me the other day he’s praying for a “neon sign.”

Wouldn’t that be nice?

However, based on my own experience, as well as stories throughout the Bible, God so often requires our obedient faith and trust.

So often he speaks in a gentle whisper, not glaring neon signs.

I shared these thoughts with my friend, and got far more encouragement than I bargained for.

Remember the story of Elijah?

After a huge showing of God’s power and the embarrassment of the Baal prophets, Elijah was a wanted man. Jezebel vowed to kill him.

Elijah was hopeless and fled town. He took refuge under a tree and literally prayed he would die.

Yet, through the pain and fear, God led him to a safe haven in a mountainous cave where he safely stayed the night.

God nourished Elijah, and sent an angel to wake and feed him. He then told Elijah to stand before Him on the mountain.

God created a mighty wind (I’m thinking tornado like force), a powerful earthquake, and a blazing fire that all roared by him, but the Lord was not in any of them.

Nonetheless, I’m sure God got Elijah’s attention!

It was in the still, small, whisper in which He spoke.

Not the neon signs.


Not by might, not by power, but by His Holy Spirit.

My sweet friend reminded me of that story.

Reminding me that, perhaps we’re the midst of the mighty winds or an earthquake, and our faith is a little shaken.

God was ever present with Elijah during it all, and He’s with us too.

It’s the whisper I need to pursue.

In scripture, spirit, and truth.

God can certainly give neon signs. He can do as he pleases. However, so often His spirit gently whispers to our heart much more subtly.

I needed to hear this truth from such a beautiful heart that cares.

It was nourishment to my bones.

I need to shield myself from all the loud clamor (the wind, the fire, the earthquakes) that so easily captures my attention and listen with stillness for the voice of God.

But there was more.

She shared a story about having horses when she was growing up.

She loved riding them, but sometimes they’d go really fast and things would get scary.

Her dad would tell her to press herself into the horse. To dig in and hold on tight.

That she was surely safe.

Same with me. Things are up in the air, and it’s natural to be worried or not fully trust while we’re in the midst of this crazy ride. 

When people tell you not to worry, it surely comes from a good place, but rarely does it offer the solace we seek.


God sometimes brings us to the brink of situations until all we can do, our only hope, is to completely trust and have faith in Him.

When our only option, our only hope, is to let go and completely trust.

To press into Him and a hold on tight.

To know he is faithful and isn’t “out to get us.”

To find out solace by pressing into Him with all our might.

Knowing His ways are higher, and He works for the good of those who love Him.

We must press into Him and pursue Him.



Listening for that still, small voice.

He is faithful, and He keeps His promises.

I know He will see the work in our lives through to completion. Even when I can’t see it unfolding for myself.

Thanks for reading today. I pray my friend’s words offered encouragement to you just as they did to me.

I pray we both lean into Jesus with all our might today.


Thursday Things, 9 April 2015

Last Saturday I got to meet Marisa in person!

>Proof we met in real life. <img src=">

When I found out she was going to be in Oklahoma I jumped at the chance to meet (because when is anyone ever in Oklahoma that doesn’t already live here!?).

We’ve been friends since The Nest days, so it was exciting to actually meet after all these years.

We had breakfast at Chick-Fil-A and talked for hours. It’s funny how natural conversation can come even from only knowing someone online. It was like we were old friends catching up, and I suppose that’s what we are!

Around the Corner
My big 32nd is right around the corner.

When did I get so old and grownup!?

Will’s parents came up to celebrate early and left me with a big, fat strawberry cake with vanilla frosting.

Early birthday cake

It’s made with fresh strawberries and diet sprite instead of oil and eggs (at my request. I’m the only person crazy enough to want that for their birthday cake) so it’s healthy, right?

I’ll be hanging out with Will and my parents this weekend, so more celebration to follow.

And by celebration, I mean unhealthy food. Ha!

In honor of 32...
I think we need a TBT pic today.

This one comes courtesy of my sweet 16.

Brittny checking out the food for her sweet 16 party

Remember the days when we used to go to tanning beds religiously and not worry about skin cancer?

Good times (except not).

My parents threw me a surprise party. Such a kind act. Maybe I’ll tell you that story one day.

There’s always a story.

Couch-less Potatoes
Sooo, we bought a couple couches last year to replace the hand me downs my parents graciously gave us when we moved back from Kuwait.

Actually, we kept the love seat, but got rid of the couch.

It was kind of a sad day. Will and I spent a lot of quality (haha) time watching tv and napping on that couch, even before we got married!

I was a little sad to see it go.

The Littles were sad too. We don’t let them get on the leather furniture, but they had free reign on the old couches, so they were sad to see them gone, too!

So yeah. Kind of the end of an era.

Road Tripping
With all these trips with Will’s parents to check out RVs, I’m kind of read to be old enough to retire and explore the good old U S of A too!

More RV fun with the inlaws

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to fast forward life. However, I now totally get the appeal of buying a pull behind and seeing the nation.

Totally down for that in 2035.

Spring Cleaning
The office is done!

Now onto our bedroom closet.

It’s long overdue.

That’s our project for a few hours this weekend.

The fun of being an adult.

Fanning the Flames

I almost lost my mind last weekend at the gym.

I was the only one in the cardio section. I didn’t plan on washing my hair that day, so I didn’t want to completely sweat buckets.

As such, I turned on the fan and hopped on the elliptical.

Unspoken gym etiquette, at least at my gym, is that most people ask those already in the cardio room if they’d be agreeable to the fan being turned off.

Never just turning it off.

Ten minutes into my workout, a kid came into the room, turned off the fan, and started running on the treadmill right in front of me.

I almost lost my mind.

I usually don’t get bothered by that sort of thing… But I did that day!

“Do you want to blow dry all the sweat out of my hair since you decided to turn the fan off!?!!” I wanted to scream. ask kindly.

He was watching SpongeBob Squarepants, which only made me madder.

Which made me workout harder.

Which made me sweat all the more.

Which defeated the purpose of trying not to sweat too much.


And yes, I did end up washing my hair.
That’s it for today, sweets! Check in tomorrow!

WIOW: Spring Playlist!

I love keeping things fresh with my workout playlists, and lucky for us there’s always lots of good and positive music continually released!

I’ve talked about the influence of music in my life, and one major way for me to stay focused is through listening to uplifting music during my workout.

I wanted to share my current workout playlist in hopes it might inspire an excellent workout the next time you hit the gym. Not only that, but it also might leave you feeling more positive too!


Stop by tomorrow for Thursday Things. All the randomness. 

More Food Things

Lots of junky food this past week, particularly this past weekend. Will’s parents were in and came bearing strawberry cake as an early birthday treat. Between ice cream and an indulgent Easter brunch (did you see that cake!?), it wasn’t my best weekend. Yikes!

Back to normal this week, and thankful for the normalcy in terms of eating. However, I wouldn’t trade the wonderful time with friends and family for it either! Here’s a look below.

Food things
Food things
Early birthday cake
Easter brunch goodness
Easter brunch goodness

Food things

Food things

Food things
Food things

Food things
The aforementioned homemade peach preserves that killed me.
Food things
Early strawberry birthday cake

Food things

Food things
Greek yogurt, not more junk food. smile

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Easter Weekend & Look Ahead

Canines against cubicles
More RV fun with the inlaws
More RV fun with the inlaws
More RV fun with the inlaws
With my easter bunny bozzy
Goose hanging out in the church parking lot

>Proof we met in real life. <img src=">
Early birthday cake

Easter brunch goodness
Easter brunch goodness

It was a busy weekend! Seeing puppies downtown, a visit from the in-laws for an early birthday celebration, more RV hunting for their perfect getaway space, church with my parents, and lots of junky eating. I was also able to meet up with my longtime blogging friend, Marisa! Oh friends, it was such a blessing to visit with her and I had such a great morning with her and her kiddos. I also had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday brunch with my family yesterday. It was such a great weekend, packed with so many blessings and good memories.

I’m on cloud nine, but also sad to see the week start if I’m honest.

Thankfully. I have some good things lined up. Check in this week for more food things (the last one!), WIOW spring playlist, Thursday Things and more!

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