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He is the I AM, I am the I AM Not

We’re finishing up our month-long study of the beautiful names of God… for now.

I can’t help but think I’ll want to revisit this topic in the future.

We’ve covered El Roi, the God who sees us,

Jehovah Rapha, the Lord who heals us,

Yahweh Yireh, the God who provides,

and we are wrapping up this week with Yahweh.


It’s a name probably many of us already know, so it seems kind of silly to end on a well known name.

However, that’s just where my heart is today.

The name Yahweh comes from the name YHWH, a Tetragrammaton (bonus points for using a big word!) for God’s most holy covenant name.

There’s lots of scholarly debate about Yahweh (thinks like the spelling, pronunciation, and it’s evolution to other names, such as Jehovah) but I don’t want to talk about any of that today.

We’re keepin’ it simple, y’all.

Today I just want to bask in His beautiful name.

The first time we see YHWH revealed is in Exodus.

Moses had been given a huge task: be the spokesman for God’s people and demand Pharaoh let Gods people go.

(Anyone else just get a Charlton Heston flashback?)

Moses felt incapable, insecure, and full of doubt and worry.

Anyone been there?

I love what God told him in the midst of all his anxiety and “what if” scenarios.

He revealed himself as YHWH, Yahweh.

The I AM.


The One who’s always been, and always will be.

The One above all others.

He had never revealed this name to anyone before Moses.


Not only did he share this intimate moment with Moses, but he also reassured him- I will be with you, I will be the one speaking- not you.

It wasn’t about Moses. It was about God. It was about God working in a meek, tongue-tied man to do a mighty work.


I think there’s a huge lesson here.

He is Yahweh. He is sovereign and he desires to use His people to bring Him glory.

Sometimes circumstances happen in our lives, or God asks us to do something completely out of our element, and sometimes these things make no sense at the time. 

I have to keep reminding myself, He is the I AM.

I am the I AM Not.

There are things going on in my life right now that are leaving my head spinning.

I feel so confused and betrayed, and don’t understand which way is up.

I acted on things out of obedience to Christ, yet things are going wrong. Nothing like they were supposed to.

This is when I must remember He is the I AM.

He is and always has been and he knows and holds the future in his hands.

His ways are not my ways, and his thoughts are not my thoughts.

They’re much higher, not even in the universe of mine.

He has a bird’s eye view, and I only have what feels like a teeny keyhole to peek though.

I don’t know why things turn out the way they do.

I don’t know why people do things that are completely the opposite of what we expect.

But I know He is the I AM.

I know I don’t have all the answers to fully understand everything, but He does.

I know in my obedience, even when I don’t fully understand, he does.

He is Yahweh, and he is trustworthy. 

Thursday Things 29 January 2015

Tools for Blondes
Sooo a few years ago I shared a post about my crazy and incessant need to check and make sure I unplugged my straightener about a million times each morning.

Real life.

My mom knows me.

She got me the WeMo switch for Christmas.

This puppy can shut off power to the outlet from a phone app just incase I forgot to turn the straighter off.

Complete and total game changer.

I’m not sure who was more grateful, me or Will. smile

Chaps-tick Hate Turned Chap-stick Love

Remember this NYX chapstick in my December Ipsy I didn’t really like because (even though it tasted delicious) it made me look white and pasty like I had concealer on my lips?


Um hello!

Why didn’t we realize the wonderfulness this stuff could offer!?

It really does wash me out and look like a concealer over my lips BUT it works as a great sort of neutralizing primer to the pink in my lips so the lip color I choose is its true color when I put it on.

So smart!

Brain Training

If there was any question whether I was old, rest assured-

I’m old.

I’m only 31 and have downloaded the Elevate app to keep my mind fresh and engaged.

You know, because little word games are supposed to do that or something?

I figure it’s not hurting. Plus it’s kind of fun to take a few minutes out to play.

Real life.


That wasn’t.

Sooo after the Garth Brooks concert we went to a couple weeks ago, Will and I had the brilliant plan to drive up to Ponca City and have a super early breakfast at Perkins (usually about a 3.5 hour trip for us).

Yes, Perkins.

If you read my blog way back in the Kuwait days, you may remember Perkins found a special place in our hearts during our trips back to the US.

We would fly to Minneapolis, shop at the Mall of America a couple days, and eat breakfast at Perkins.

Total tradition.

We went back to Minneapolis in 2011 for old times sake (as well as a game in Green Bay!) and literally ate Perkins for 2 of our 3 daily meals the entire trip.


Now, if you live near one and don’t understand why we are so crazy for them, I get it.

There’s plenty of regional places people go batty for I just don’t understand, but it’s their “thing” and a special favorite place for them, so that’s what I get.

Annnnyway, long story short, we were so pumped to road trip up there after the concert.

As we were heading up to Tulsa for the concert, Will mentioned he thought we may have to wait an hour or two after getting to Perkins before they opened.

See, they’re open until 10 on weekdays, but 24 hour on weekends.

To us, that meant they’d open at midnight Friday.

“Let’s call and make sure,” Will said.

So I called and…

They don’t open until 6am on Fridays


So yeah, they’re kind of 24 hours on the weekend...if opening at 6 counts. smile

I was pretty bummed. I really wanted a huge mammoth muffin for midnight breakfast.

That’s all for today. Anything you care to share?

WIOW: February Workouts

I’m trying to be a better planner these days, and that includes mapping my workouts more efficiently.

I’ve mentioned before, but my workout schedule became sporadic last year with my new job.

I have a schedule that allows me to be off every other Friday, but that also makes for longer days the rest of the week, and earlier mornings.

For that reason, I only hit the gym on the weekends, and keep my work-week workouts to the house.

Let’s get something straight, though.

It’s a huge misconception to think home workouts aren’t as beneficial as gym workouts.

(I plan to debunk that next month)

I’ve cut my workout frequency down, too. I was working out out 6 days a week, and now it’s down to 4-5.

At first, I thought it might drive me mad, but I’ve actually found it has done the opposite. I’m more rested and happier overall. 

Today I’m sharing my February workout schedule to give you an idea what it will look like!

It’ll be broken into two camps: short weeks and long weeks.

On short weeks, I get an extra gym session, bringing the total gym visits those weeks to three.

Long weeks mean I only hit the gym on Saturday and Sunday.

The remaining workouts are done at home.

Here we go!

Short Week Workouts


Wednesday- Home full body resistance and/or HIIT

Thursday- Home cardio

Friday- Back, biceps, shoulders, abs & cardio (elliptical)

Saturday- Legs & cardio (elliptical)

Sunday- Chest, triceps, shoulders, abs, & cardio (elliptical)

Long Week Workouts


Wednesday- Freebie!

Thursday-Home full-body resistance

Friday-Home cardio

Saturday-Legs, abs, chest, triceps, cardio

Sunday- Back, biceps, shoulders, abs, cardio

Wednesdays on my long weeks are always iffy. I consider them bonus workouts.

I get to sleep a little more on my short weeks, so sometimes my long week Wednesday workouts are hit or miss. I do whatever I feel on those Wednesdays. The point is that I get up and move. smile

So what does home cardio and home resistance mean?

Im glad you asked!

Next month I plan on digging into what exactly they entail, and hopefully give you some inspiration for your own at-home workouts.

There’s lots and lots of options!

Check in next week to dig a little deeper, and check in tomorrow for Thursday things!

January 2015 Ipsy!

It’s January Ipsy time!

Here’s the bag everything came in.

January ipsy

Let’s see what’s inside!

I got this full size Probelle Into the Blue nail polish.

January ipsy

I think the color is beautiful, but as I’ve mentioned before, blue nails just aren’t me.

It’s me, not the polish.

I also got this Hikari eyeliner in Storm.

January ipsy

It goes on nice and smooth, but I’m not a huge fan of the grey and gunmetal colors.

Do I need to be?

I feel like I do.

It just seems like one swipe is never enough to do the job, so I feel like I layer on the color and end up looking ridiculous.

So yeah. Undecided on this liner, but I like the way it goes on so I’m going to give her a go. smile

A pic of the color is below alongside the eyeshadow.

I got this super cute, pink full size Elizabeth Mott eyeshadow brush too.


Check out this Eco-Beauty good day moisturizer.

January ipsy

It goes on nice and rich, and left my face nice and soft. I wasn’t excited about the smell at first, but eventually came around and decided it had a light cucumbery scent I could be okay with. Haha

While I wouldn’t buy this for myself in the future, I definitely enjoyed the sample and the fact that it’s be Eco Beauty.

I also got this full size Pacifica natural mineral eyeshadow in Ethereal. 

January ipsy

Soo I’m pretty much dying over this eyeshadow.

January ipsy

It is super pigmented and goes on wonderfully. It has staying power and gives such a beautiful shimmer. I really really like this stuff. Definitely one of my more favorite Ipsy eye products recently.

Overall, this bag was a keeper.

The polish will go in my Rake Up the Makeup pile, and everyone’s happy!

Check in tomorrow for my February workout plan, and Thursday for random ramblings. smile

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Weekend Things & Look Ahead

January weekend things

January weekend things

January weekend things

January weekend things

January weekend things

She gets me

My sister's homemade deliciousness

Special morning time

Car wash fun

Car wash fun

Good workouts, a wonderful lunch with my parents, car washes, church, house stuff, cakelets for breakfast (and surprise peach ginger tea) with my super sweet and thoughtful sister and Layla, food prep, UFC, Pro Bowl, long conversations, and hanging out.

Tune in this week for

-January Ipsy
-February Workouts
-Thursday Things
-Names of God

Off to conquer Monday. Check in tomorrow! 

Yahweh Yireh: The Lord Will Provide

Things are a changin’ here in the B-Love household.

I realize I’ve been leading you on with all these changes for months now, but hang with me a little longer.

All these changes have come with a host of emotions.

Just two days ago, I had to talk myself off the ledge.

I had to tell myself, “No, the sky is not falling.”

That things were going to be ok, even though in the heat of the moment, I felt as though things may crumble all around me.

Do you do that, too?

Always a little worried the next big disaster is right around the corner, waiting to get you?

I try to be positive, but let’s face it, some days the glass is just half empty.

Yet somehow and someway, God patiently smooths my hair in place, kisses my forehead, and shows me He’s at work.

He’s at work, and I’m in His hands.

Even when I’m too crazy to see it, He is at work and he makes a way.


The Lord provides.

Oh friends, he does.

Our God provides a way when no way seems possible, He shows up and shows off His mighty power.

We see an encounter with God, our Yahweh-Yireh, in Genesis 22.

When no way seemed possible, when Abraham was prepared to sacrifice his own son in an act of obedience, God provided a lamb to sacrifice instead.

When there wasn’t any other way, God provided and did something only he could do.


There are so many lessons and sermons that stem from this encounter. Today I simply want to point out Abraham’s trust in God to provide, and the fact that He did.

Yahweh-Yireh was ever faithful, and he is just as faithful with us too.

I’ve started asking for God to illuminate to me how he is at work around me.

So often I have my head in the sand, trying to keep work, family, the house, and everything else together. I rarely stop to look up and see just how hugely God is at work in my life.

I desire to be more trusting like Abraham, instead of being worried, fearful, and apprehensive.

During whatever mountain we’re climbing, we must trust the Lord, Yahweh-Yireh, will provide.

God is for us. He works for the good in us, even when things seem bleak.

He makes a way when there seems
to be no way.

He provides.

As I take each day at a time amidst the minefield of emotions and changes before us, I pray the Lore strengthens my faith and deepens his trust.

I know he will because he gives us whatever we ask when it pleases him.

Yahweh Yireh provides these things in abundance, and shows me he’s at work.

I don’t know what you’re in need of today, but I pray Yahweh-Yireh makes a stream in the desert for you, and lights your path.

Ask Him, and trust Him to work in His way.


Thursday Things, 22 Jan 15

Let’s talk about things you’re not supposed to put down the disposal.

And how I pretty much put all.the.things. down there before actually researching, “Oh hey! You’re actually not supposed to put celery stalks, lemon peels, and egg shells down there!”

Who knew!?
I didn’t.

Let’s not tell Will.

I spent almost eleven years telling him, why yes you DO put citrus rinds in the disposal. It keeps things fresh and smelling good. Duh!

Continuing to embrace my inner granny

I’ve told you a million times, I am a complete and total grandma.

It used to but me, but now I just embrace the old.

Enter Carhartt socks.

One of the best stocking stuffers I received. Those things are so super duper cozy and warm and completely and utterly fantastical.


For real.

If you buy them you’ll think, “Aw, these are the coziest socks and perfect to stay home in!”

I agree...sort of.

I say slap those puppies on and wear them always.

Just at home… That’s ludicrous!

My AeroGarden is causing me a teeny bit of craziness

We’re supposed to be in “high growth mode” right now, but yeah… We’re not.

Not even close.

That stinkin’ mint, one of the very herbs that prompted Will to get me this AeroGarden thing, is teasing me.

It should have sprouted two weeks ago but just now finally peeked through.

Killing me.

I think it’s because Will keeps it like a refrigerator in here maybe?

I did get to use some dill and like two springs of chives this week. Haha yes, two whole baby springs of chive.

I’m such a green thumb.

Cowboy Up

Today’s TBT comes courtesy of my husband.

Cowboy up

Who the heck is this guy!?

Sooo remember last week when we talked about Will bring Kountry?

(Yes with a K)


Real life.

I wanted to share this pic last week and had funny stuff written up about it, but thought it might offend Will so I didn’t share.

When I told him he laughed and was totally fine with it.

Go figure.

I must say I wish I would have looked as cool during my weird stages as Will did with his.

That sultry and serious face. Killing me!

Deflate Gate

The Colts lost to the Patriots Sunday in an ugly, ugly game.

And then, then the deflated ball story broke.

The Colts lost ugly regardless, but that was just icing on the cake.

Incase you’re wondering, we’re going to cheer for the Seahawks…

Knead for Seed

I’ve been carb coma this week.

Gluten free lovers, look away.

The bread is so darn good and seedy and filling and wonderful.

End of story. 

WIOW: Swole Prewrek Review

Let’s talk about a pre-workout today.

I realize there’s mixed feelings about pre-workouts. You can see my pros and cons regarding the topic here.

Today we’re talking about a specific pre-workout.

Swole Prewrek.

I got a GNC gift card for Christmas and decided to spend it on a pre-workout!

Best of all, it was right after Christmas, and GNC had great sales.

I’ve tried several pre-workouts over the years, and I have a good idea what to expect.

I did some research and looked over prices, and Swole Pre-workout was on sale and seemed to fit the bill for what I wanted.

50 servings for $30, a super good deal compared to the average pre-workout price.

I only hoped I wouldn’t be disappointed!

I wasn’t.

Let’s dig into pros and cons.

You’ll notice some of the pros are also cons, but I give rationale for why. smile

Let’s go!


It Tastes Good

And isn’t chalky. That’s a double win.

I bought the fruit punch flavor, which is pretty much the flavor I always choose.

It was a good choice, and thankfully tasted good and fruity and not chalky and medicine-y.

Dissolves Properly

If you’ve used pre-workouts, you know how there’s sometimes residue left behind.

The residue is minimal, and it dissolves well in cold water.

No tingle
If you hate the crazy, tingly sensation like tiny little pokes all over your skin, I have good news.

Swole doesn’t seem to make you tingle at all.

It seems there’s a 50-50 split on people that love and hate it.  No prickly feeling, and no tingle here.

Increased Cardio Endurance
I noticed the most results during my cardio sessions. I could go harder and longer. Win.

Most pre-workouts cost in and around $45 and up.

Swole Prewrek was a complete steal at $30. That’s the sale price I got it at, however I did a quick search at prices today, and they still range between $33-$40. It’s a good deal compared to most.

You don’t realize it’s working
Again with the no tingles and jitteriness. The first couple times I used it and hit the weights, I wondered if it was even working.


And then I woke up unable to move my arms and legs the next day.

Since it doesn’t have some of the triggers other pre-workouts, you may not think its working.

It’s working.

You’ll see this is also a con later. smile

Ok, let’s go to some of the cons.


No tingle
Sooo I put this in both categories because some like the tingling and some don’t.

I do.

It makes me feel like it’s working. smile

It’s not a huge con, but for those of you who like to feel your temperature rise a little feel the chemical reaction take place, don’t expect much with Pre Wrek.

It takes forever to work
Let me clarify- it takes just as long as almost every other pre-workout on the market- about 30-45 minutes.

That means, if I want to workout at 7, I need to get up and take my pre-workout 45 minutes before. Sometimes this isn’t a big deal, but for workout out early in the morning and first thing, it kind of is.

In its defense, this timeline is pretty normal.

You don’t realize it’s working

Again, another pro turned con.

I honestly wondered if it was even working the first couple of times.

It was only until the next day when I woke super sore, i reevaluated the reps and weights I did and realized, “Eureka! It worked!”

That’s great and all, but if you’re not careful, you may be prone to overdo it and hurt yourself.

In summary…

Would I buy again?

Without a doubt, yes. There are definitely a few things I wish it did (read: radiating heat from my body and tingles haha) but the price point is way too good not to purchase again.

So there you have it! If you’re looking to try an inexpensive pre-workout, Swole Prewrek is a good option.

Check in tomorrow!

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Little Happy Things

Since we’re in the frigid doldrums of January, I thought we ought to find a little joy in the small things that have brought me joy.

I realize it’s only Tuesday, but here are some random highlights from the week (thus far):

Heated seats.

Seriously. I call them my “seater” (seat heater haha)

My good old ‘98 Honda is rough and tough and has a fantastic heater, but let’s face it, you can’t ever beat heated seats.

Homemade frozen yogurt.

It sounds way more complicated than it is. Trust me, it’s nothing fancy, but still quite a nice treat.

Short Weeks
In going to be paying for it all week, but taking off Monday was such a highlight.

Will and I didn’t do much, but it was nice to be together. We watched movies, played with the Bigs, and relaxed.

Extra Workouts

I never make it to the gym during the work week, and never workout Monday.

This week I got to do both!

An extra day for house stuff.

Yes, I realize it sounds awful and boring, but it is true. Knowing I had an extra day to get stuff done sure was nice.

Not having to get ready yesterday

Real life.

It’s the small things, really.

King of Queens reruns on Nick at Nite

That show will forever remind me of binge watching it in Kuwait and will ways have a special place in my heart.


It came in last week and I plan on sharing the goods next week.

Crushing food prep
I always plan ahead.

However, it’s been months since I’ve prepared and prepackaged my food for the entire week.

It has made my work week evenings so.much.better.

One less big thing I have to mess with when I get home at night.

Straight up Truth

Oh friends I am so blessed by some of the Christian podcasts I subscribe to.

Whether I’m cleaning house, doing cardio, or driving home, they minister to me so very much and I’m so blessed.

Alright dearies, let’s end on that.

I’m paying for being off yesterday and loaded down with bunches of work today. Here’s to hoping these highlights keep me perky.

What’s putting a pep in your step this week?

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The Garth Brooks One & Look Ahead

Headed to the Garth Brooks concert


Concert things

Pre concert selfie

Waiting in line with this guy

Sitting next to one of garths biggest fans

Sun bathing

Fantasy football victory

Family time ❤️

Family time ❤️

Movie theatre relaxation

Weekend things

Garth Brooks fantastic-ness, outside fun, house cleaning, fantasy football champions, American Sniper, workouts, football, UFC, sleeping in, and no work today.

It was a super wonderful weekend full of so many good things. I am so very blessed.

I took today off, so Will and I have another day off together!

Off to enjoy the day.

Check in this week for:

-Swole Review
-Thursday Things
-Names of God


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