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Ezra Ten: Running in the Right Direction


I can relate more to today’s chapter more than you think, and perhaps you can too.

When my heart was so hardened toward God, the father I ran away, the more blackened it became.

At the time, I felt it was impenetrable.

Having grown up in church and living in close fellowship with God, only to stop attending church amidst a move overseas, not seeking Him as I should, and adjusting to challenges of life after moving home, I thought I had crossed a line of no return. 
I knew better, and since I knew better, I should have done better.

I should have run right back to him.

Strangely, instead of bringing me back to God, it kept me running full speed ahead in the opposite direction.

I believed the lie that I couldn’t come back.

That I had to keep going the other way because that was the only way. God couldn’t take me back after once living so close to him and then falling away.

Have you ever ran like this?

I relate to this passage because my heart was not pursuing God or his desires for my life.

I was pursuing my desires for my life, and they were horrid.

Thank God, in spite of me, His hand was still over me, even when I thought it wasn’t.

There was still hope.

Just like verse two, there is still hope.

In spite of the poor decisions the Israelites made, there was still a chance to make things right.

There’s coming a day when the chances will no longer be available, but as long as we have today and this moment, there’s still hope.

Do not delay in turning your heart over to Him in repentance. We are in such a beautiful period of his grace.

I am so thankful he waited on me.

I’m so thankful He opened my eyes once again to His truth.

Hosea tells us the Lord bends down to gently feed his people, and helps us learn to walk in Him. What a beautiful, tender picture of a loving God.

I sure had no problem running from Him but walking in Him again crippled me.

Yet, in his rich mercy, the Lord of Hosts bent down and took my arms and helped me take those few wobbly steps again.

And now I run the race before me. I pray you do too.

Repentance does not always come easy for a hardened heart. Thank God for his Spirit and ability to move within us.

We wrap up this chapter knowing that the Israelites repented and made good on their covenant to God.

While our stories may seem completely different from theirs, I can’t help but feel we’re not so different after all.

Thanks for joining me on this journey through Ezra. I hope you’ll keep checking in for more Friday devos on a variety of topics.

Have a wonderful weekend! It’s supposed to pour Saturday. We can’t get rid of our OU tickets. Everyone is selling them. Im thrilled about going and sitting in the rain. 

Except not.

Check in Monday!

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November Ipsy Review

November Ipsy!!

This month’s theme was Girl Meets Glitter.

Naturally, as you probably guessed, I almost died.

Sure I’m 31, but I love glitter, sparkle, and shine.

It’s a problem y’all.

It’s as if this theme was made specifically for me.

The good news for you is that there was a bust on one of the sparkliest items of all.

The bad news for me is that there was a bust on one of the sparkliest items of all.


So let’s get moving on the Sparkleville Bag o Glam


Crazy sparkly, yes?

You’ll be surprised to learn this is going in the Rake up the Makeup pile. Probably all of them from here on out will. I’ve gotten quite a collection.

I got this Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan hairspray.


I appreciate hair samples, and they always get used.

It smells lovely and holds well. I like to think its nourishing because of the argan oil?

I also got this teeny Temptu highlighter.


I’m a big fan of of subtle highlighters.


Yes, I know you’re shocked I said subtle.

Anything but subtle gets me in trouble. If not I end up looking like a wannabe fairy princess.

We embrace the subtle.

I really like this highlighter. It’s a soft pink and is not overly sparkly. It just provides a hint of dew.

I only wish it were bigger. What a teeny sample.

I also got this full size Be a Bombshell eye primer in Submissive.


This color is so very beautiful! The shimmer is incredibly subtle (the word of today is: subtle), but still enough to offer a pretty pop.


It slides on like a creamy gel. I felt like I had to really layer it on to add real color, and when I did, it was beautiful.

The Be a Bombshell website says to wear alone for light coverage, but for deeper color layer with eyeshadow.

I wore it all day, and sadly it creased, so that was s bit of a bummer. It’s beautiful and not going to deter me from wearing. I will probably just try to remember to set with translucent powder next time.

Oh girls.

This stuff.


It’s called J Cats Lip Paint.

It comes in scary colors (think sky blue) and was shipped in its own separate Baggie.

It’s got train wreck written all over it.


The color here is misleading. Picture trying to smear that on your lips without completely looking like a clown.

It’s pretty much an impossible task.

So then I thought, “I know! I bet I could use it as a cheek stain!”



I used the tiniest drop, and yeah, Bozo the Clown-ville.

Soooo not sure about this product. I feel it should come with a warning label- Will Stain Everything!!

I’m not sure it can even make it to the rake up the makeup pile.

Last but not least, I also got this You’re So Fine liquid sparkly eyeliner.


I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again- I’m a complete mess when it comes to liquid eyeliners.

Plus, couple that with sparkliness and this has tart written all over it.

No can do.

In fact, I was playing around with my Ipsy finds last week, long after we had been home. I looked like a complete hot mess.

Between my wine colored stained teeth, clown stained cheeks, and sparkly crooked cat eyes…

Will looked at me all funny and was like, “Are you going somewhere?”


I think he really wanted to ask if I was trying out for a play or made the impromptu decision we should go clubbing on a quiet Tuesday night.

So yeah. The November Ipsy. It was a mixed bag. Some good, some not so good.

For a theme all about glitter I was hoping I’d love it all, but hey, I’ve had a terrific streak so I can’t complain too much. smile

That’s it for today my dears! Check in tomorrow for our last chapter of Ezra! 

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WIOW: All About Thanksgiving

Today we’re talking Thanksgiving prep.

I realize it’s over a week away, but hey, I say no time like the present to make a plan.

You fail to plan, you plan to fail, yes?

My mom would be proud.

Like many of you, Thanksgiving lasts more than just a day at our house.

It’s more like an entire weekend, really.

Almost a season, if you will.

I feel like everyone has their own approach to this time of year.

Today isn’t about investigating what’s right or wrong.

Today is all about sharing my own thoughts regarding Thanksgiving and my own personal plan of attack.

The Workouts

Ah the workouts.

My philosophy is to keep to schedule.

If I scheduled an appointment with myself to workout Thursday, I workout Thursday.

Obviously if it doesn’t look like a Thanksgiving workout is going to be feasible, I plan ahead and move that workout up in the week.

However, for now I plan to workout at home Thursday. I’ll either do a workout video or one of the dozens of at-home friendly workouts I’ve created over the years.

Friday-Sunday will be gym workouts. I’ll do both resistance and cardio work all three days.

There’s a good chance all three cardio sessions will be a little longer than usual to help burn off some of that pecan pie. smile

The Food

The food.

I love Thanksgiving Day food.

I don’t even miss the turkey because I load my plate with everything else!

I know people approach this entire meal in their own way, and so.do.I.

I eat a normal breakfast that morning. Since I’m working out, I’ll drink my usual green monster followed by a high protein breakfast an hour or two later.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, I eat what I want for that meal only.

I usually fill up my plate half full of veggies, and the other half with tastes of other deliciousness like mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and various other yummy sides.

Oh, and I always eat a roll, too.

I drink water and eat what’s on my plate, enjoying the company of others all the while.

After I finish what was my plate, if I’m still hungry or there’s something I wanted to try and didn’t, I will.

My goal is to feel like I ate what I wanted, but not like I’m so full I need to unbutton my pants. Haha

Let’s talk dessert.

That’s pretty much just as fantastic as the actual meal.

I often make a small sampler plate of a few tastes of things I want and leave it at that.

Do I eat more at that meal compared to usual meals?

You bet.

Am I so full that I want to die after?


I try to make smart choices, but there are also things I enjoy that I don’t the rest of the year.

No food guilt here.

The Leftovers

Sooo that brings up the topic of leftovers.

Will’s grandma loves to send us home with a big plate of leftovers.

I usually only take small portions those items I can’t live without, and have round two later that night long after we are home.

I don’t take more than one meal, and I don’t let them linger all weekend.

One and done.

Thanksgiving Weekend

If only Thanksgiving lasted one day.

The bad news is that the pecan pie lives on.

The good news is that I am blessed to have family in my life to enjoy...as we scoop another piece of pie onto our plates. Haha

The B-Love family has two Thanksgivings! One with Will’s family, and one with mine.

I do my family’s Thanksgiving much like with Will’s family. Only, I feel like I take more leftovers home.

Th most exciting news of all is that this year we outsourced our Thanksgiving dinner to professionals! I am so so excited about it.

It was dirt cheap and we picked the healthy menu option! Granted, we will add rolls and dessert, but hey, much better than the alternative. Plus it saves us all time in the kitchen and allows us to enjoy each other’s company!

I can’t wait to tell you how it was.

Let’s put a bow on everything as a nice little recap:

My workouts stay the same (with the exception of increased cardio smile ).

My meals surrounding the Thanksgiving meal are pretty much the same as usual so I don’t overdo it and feel miserable after.

I load up my plate with healthy options, but I also leave room for delicious treats.

I eat dessert and don’t feel bad.

I don’t overdo it on the leftovers.

So there you go!

I love this time of year and look forward to next Thursday. I hope you do too!

Here’s to smart choices leading up to the meal, and smart choices the day after onward. smile

Tuesday Things, 18 Nov 14

We went to Sam’s last week and they were out of everything.

Instead of melting into a puddle of disappointment, I decided to make lemonade.

Meet my vitamins for the next 200 days.

Men's 50+ vitamins. That's how we roll.

Yep. Real life.

Will and I usually split a big bottle of adult vitamins, which they did not have.

It was either Centrum Silver, or these men’s 50 plus gems.

We checked the price, and geriatric men’s pills it was.

Real life.

If my voice starts deepening, I start eating only a third of my plate and getting full, or you catch me falling asleep in a rocking chair with a crossword puzzle across my lap, yeah, you know why.

Things that have been putting me in a food coma these days.

Oh man. Thanksgiving and Christmas food.


I’m still on track and eating smart, but that doesn’t mean I’m not eating well!

I pretty much want to live inside my favorite mashed sweet potatoes. 

In fact, I’ve decided I’m definitely making these for Thanksgiving next week. I might even share with others too.

I decided if it snows, regardless of the amount, we should get to stay home.

Yes, I realize it sounds ridiculous to some of you who know what it’s like to live in places with real snowfall.

You probably wear shorts when it’s 30 and think snow tires are for sissies.

I get it.

But think about all we could get accomplished if we stayed home?! I would have the most.organized.house.ever.

Since we’re talking about cold weather, it’s officially fluffy sock season.

Fuzzy sock season

Don’t overthink it.

Sure they’re ugly, but they’re worth it. Embrace the fluffiness.

I totally get and respect Movember and the whole no shaving thing, but...

I think some guys should be prohibited in outwardly participating.

Guys, I’ve seen some super bad attempts at growing facial hair. Some are patchy, some look like children with glued on beards, and other guys look straight up creepy. I realize I’m asking a lot, but seriously…

I think my lips are evolving into sheets of sandpaper.

With the array of helpful products on the market these days, there’s no reason to have chapped lips.

But this weather is kicking my butt and now that I’m old I can’t keep up!

I’m exfoliating every day, which helps tons.

Since we’re talking sandpaper, my skin and hair are crazy dry too.

I feel like a big, fat, flat, dry sponge. I need to get serious about my winter hydration program and fast!

Your wildest dreams can come true.

I’ve become a bit of a peanut butter snob over the years, and often gag at the thought of eating “fake” peanut butter.

(Although, I need to come clean and be completely honest. I definitely have moments when only fake, plastic-y peanut butter will do.)

Will, on the other hand, eats nothing but fake peanut butter.

Check out this monster.

We are going to need a bigger spoon

It’s ten pounds of plastic-y peanut butter heaven.

We need a bigger spoon. 

The Snowy One & Look Ahead

Oh my,where do I even start!?

You know how your kids get overwhelmed with glee about things and string incoherent sentences about various elements regarding each excitable topic!?

Yeah, that’s me.

Sure, it’s Monday, but next week is Thanksgiving!

We just have to tackle this giant and challenging week ahead of us to get to a short week of family, relaxation, ridiculously delicious food, and sweet bliss.


Can we please get excited!?


Sooo I want to tell you about how much it snowed.

In Oklahoma.

In November (because it never happens).

However I think we should start with Friday and lead up to the white stuff.


Oh my stars.

So, Will is a huge Garth Brooks fan.

Like super big man crush.

Back in the 90s my guy had boots, tight jeans, and a fancy cowboy hat.

Um he even had a license plate cover that said “Kountry.”

With a K.

Real life.

Thank God the good Lord intercepted our paths after this phase.

Anyway, while the boots and hat have been retired, his life for Garth stuck.

You may know he is touring again. He will be in Tulsa in January, and tickets went on sale Friday morning.

They sold out in minutes, but Will managed to score tickets.

Incase your wondering, he’s happy in a scary way right now.

Like, I want him to dial it back a little.

Anyway, that’s how Friday started.

Friday night was busy. We got our cars detailed last week, so we had to rush to the shop to pick them up before they closed. Then it was off to run a few more errands.

The rest of the evening was quiet and relaxing.

Saturday was tons o fun! Will and his friends scheduled a big paintball outing weeks ago, so that’s what he did almost all day.

Check out this mean mug.

Paintball face

I had big plans for the day, too.

I did a crazy leg circuit complete with cardio, too.

After getting cleaned up, I headed to my sister’s house to make chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes with her and Layla!

Only… I mis-measured one of the ingredients, which led to super thick pancakes that didn’t flip easily.

Pumpkin pancake massacre

Or at all.

Sooo we made delicious muffins instead!

So so so good.

The save: delicious pumpkin muffins

I spent the rest of the morning hanging out there and enjoying time with the girls I love.

Beyond blessed by this smiley gal

I came home early that afternoon and did laundry and a few other not so exciting chores.

Will got home, grinning from ear to ear. It’s an understatement to say he had a good time. He had a blast!

He was tired from his strenuous day dodging paintballs, so we stayed in and watched some college football.

We watched the news and knew snow was in the forecast, so we decided to sleep in and go to a later church service, or do church online if it looked like it was going to be slick.

I set my alarm for 6:30 to get up and workout.

Yeah… I didn’t get up until 8:30!

It’s been a long time since I’ve slept so late, but it felt wonderful.

We tuned on the TV to catch the weather and decided to stay in for the day.

Oh my, it was fantastic.

Snow day! ❄️

Sure, I’d get stir crazy if I had to do it for several days, but snow days are the bees knees in my book.

The only thing better would have been if work was cancelled today smile

We watched church service online and spent the rest of the day completely nesting. I made a giant lot of soup for the week, and we just hung out and were “forced” to relax. I’ll take it!

I even sneaked in a workout at home, leaving me feeling quite accomplished. Haha

So now we are back to Monday. A long week, and I have a full plate.

The good news is that I’ve got some fun stuff lined up.

Here’s a look at what’s ahead this week:

Tuesday Things
Thanksgiving Prep Workout
November Ipsy
Ezra Ten (the last chapter!)

Here’s to a good day and happy thoughts for next week! 

Ezra Nine: Brokenness


Only one week left!

Real life.

I have some fun things up ahead and look forward to future Friday’s with you guys.

Today is all about chapter nine.

Let’s do an abbreviated recap.

Ezra learned the Israelites had intermarried among some of the locals (think Cannanites, Hitties, Jebusites...). When you read the chapter, you see he sort of lost his mind and literally pulled his hair out!

He sought the Lord in prayer and cried out to him in brokenness over their sin.

There’s a lot to cover here, but I want to only focus on two big elements.

1. Why was Ezra so distraught about these marriages?

There’s a ton of historical and biblical importance about just why exactly these intermarriages were such a big deal.

To keep it short, waaaay back in Exodus God made it very clear his people were not to marry other people of the land. 

Plain and simple.

The fact that the holy God said it should be reason enough.

However, one of the big reasons behind this command dealt with the gods these people worshipped. In merging these cultures and lives, the Israelites would turn away from the God who brought them out of Egypt and worship false idols.

If you’ve read the Old Testament, even for a few minutes, you know there was plenty of that going on.

God said it to protect his people from heartache and following after empty pagan gods.

No wonder Ezra was rocked by what was happened.

That’s great and all, but how does that apply today?

It applies in lots of ways.

We are called to guard our hearts and remain in fellowship with Christ.

It’s hard to do that if we are pursuing other “gods of this world.” Sure, maybe we aren’t saying “I dos” to Canaanites and Hittites, but maybe we are harboring bitterness, focused on work more than God, or not even acknowledging God in our lives at all.

1 John 5 tells us to “keep away from anything that might take the place of God in our hearts.”


While it looks a little different in terms of what’s going on in chapter 9, it’s really not so different after all.

During the time I took my eyes of Jesus, I had lots of other things that took his place in my heart.

My masters program, other people that shouldn’t have, exercise, fitness, and almost anything else except Him.

It wasn’t until I woke up in the pig pods, to use a prodigal son analogy, that I realized just how far I had fallen.

I see why Ezra was so torn up. When was the last time we were torn up for sin? Broken for the way we have grieved the heart of God?

Because He feels it.

The Bible talks about how he delights in us (and even sings over us!), but Genesis is also very clear on how he feels sorrow from our rebellion, too.

I never want to hurt his feelings. I think brokenness over sin is something we (a collective “we") don’t want to take the time to deal with or take the time to ask for, but oh how we need it.

I think it’s also easy to rank our sin and not feel much brokenness over “small” sins compared to “bigger” sins.

Oh friends, it’s all sin.

I lived so long doing this very same thing. It desensitized my heart to sin until the sin became justification for more sin and more sin until I was over my head deep in sin that initially seemed so very benign.

We must ask God to break our hearts over the things that break his in order to fully obey and know him.

Whew! I sure want to keep going, but there’s another element I want to discuss from today’s chapter too.

2. I also want to touch on verse 15.

Ezra said these words thousands of years ago, but they are just as applicable today as they were then.


God is righteous and holy. Even on our best day, our very best day we still we could not stand before God.

Oh friends I’m so grateful that’s not the end of the story.

Yes, we couldn’t stand before God on our best day, but now we have a way.

Through Jesus, and through surrendering our lives to him, we can stand before God.

We can stand before him righteous, favored, adopted, and chosen. Just read the beginning of Ephesians if you don’t believe me.

Not only that, but the bible also says through Jesus we become royal priests and God’s very own possession. Ah how I love that!

We are not so different than the Israelites in this chapter, but through the grace of Jesus, we can now stand before him forgiven and as a new creation.

Oh how I long to be perfected in him, and I pray the Lord works in your heart too.


Thanks for checking in today. I hope you’re gearing up for a good weekend! It’s going to be absolutely frigid here so I plan on baking my pumpkin protein bars as well as other healthy treats.

Catch up with you Monday!

On Life Lately

Let’s talk a little about what’s going on in the B-Love household these days.

There’s something I really really want to share with you guys, but I need to wait just a little longer.

I’ve mentioned changes multiple times lately, and that’s what I’m talking about yet again.

It’s annoying when people do that, yes?

Anyway, things are changing and getting a little crazier earlier than expected, but I am counting my blessings and trusting God to give us grace to get through the madness.

I look forward to sharing more soon. Until then, yay for cryptic posts! Except not.

My parents visited my grandparents last weekend, and unfortunately my grandma is not doing so hot again.

Last Thanksgiving, my family and I surprised her and spent a few days visiting her while she had chemo.

She got better and had a clean bill of health after her last round, praise God, but over the last couple weeks her health started to deteriorate again.

I’m so blessed to have three of my four grandparents alive. They live far away it hurts how little I see them. I’m thankful for technology and being able to call, and am reminded I need to do just that on my way home today.

The dogs?

The dogs are good.

Good and old!

Couch potatoes

(Don’t get me started on why that couch is still in the living room. That’s another story...)

When did the babies turn into grannies!?

I still feel like Boz and Lucy are my young pups, but they’re 8 1/2 if you can believe it. They’re still naughty and adorable as ever, though they’ve definitely slowed down a bit recently (haven’t we all!? 😣).

The Bigs are good too. If this cold weather continues, I have a feeling I’ll be having two extra house guests earlier than anticipated.

(Update! We did last night)

Happy Teddy

When it gets ultra frigid, we bring their kennels inside and they stay the nights inside those. Though they’d certainly like to roam around, they are very much contained. Haha

The littles hate it. They kind of have mean girl syndrome.

(Update again: they did hate it as I expected)

Layla is killing me.
My favorite Minnie


Every time I see her my heart nearly beats out of my chest and I am overwhelmed by just how much I love that little girl.

She’s talking so much now, and it is absolutely hilarious (though I’m not sure P agrees at times haha). Remember all the things we said as kids that probably mortified our parents? Yeah, Layla is approaching that phase soon. Haha I’m sure it gives my parents a good laugh, seeing everything come full circle.


I started with a new company this past March. This company is so so wonderful and incredibly generous and good to its employees.

I still have new girl moments, which I kind of hate, but I figure they will continue to become few and far between with each passing week.

As for other things, Will and I have a mounting list of stuff we need to get done, but with the aforementioned cryptic changes, and football season in full swing, it’s been slow going.

I think he’s still set on selling our remaining two games, so maybe that will free up some time to tackle overhauling the jam packed office as well as a couple other daunting undertakings.

In terms of us handling the changes, I think we are doing well? I’m only half of the couple, so I suppose I should confirm with him, too. Haha

While things are certainly underway, we haven’t really felt the full blow of everything just yet, and I know it will come with some initial pain. I continue to pray each day and trust that the Lord will continue to navigate for us as we continue onward.

Will needs more time to rest and decompress these days because of the added stress, and I think sometimes my Elmyra-ness can be a bit much, so I’ve really tried to respect his need for us to just sometimes watch mindless TV together.

Oh girls, I am so thankful for that guy. I most definitely married up.

It’s also a good time to tell you I think Will and I may be joining a different church.

Actually, should I make this its own post?

I have no idea.

Maybe we will table that for another discussion. Woo hoo two future posts! One on church, and one on changes.

More teasers.

Who likes teasers? No one!

I promise to keep them to a minimum from here on out.

So yeah, possibly a different church. I will ask for your prayers about this matter. When we left our Life Group earlier this year, it was because we felt a tug on our hearts to lead something of our own.

While we haven’t taken the plunge yet, during this time I felt another tug on my heart about where we attend church too. I just want so badly to get connected and start serving. I want it deep in the core of my heart. However, I felt like perhaps a change needed to be made. Anyway, more to come on that, the whys and what’s next.

I guess that’s my big life lately update! Thanks for listening to me ramble. I hope all is well with you.

Check in tomorrow for more Ezra!

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Work it Out Wednesday: Workouts Lately

Let’s talk workouts.

At the beginning of football season I decided to set a few goals to keep me on track amidst the pizza, brownies, and chip bowls the size of a football field.

While I’m doing much of the same as before, I’ve stepped my cardio, from like 2 sessions a week (yeah yeah I know) to over double.

I thought it might be helpful to take a look at my current program as a checkin for my goals.

On days I work a full week, my workouts are not as desirable as those on my short week.

On full work weeks, I used to aim for three workout sessions during the week, with two on the weekends.

I would do cardio two out of the five workouts. The other three were strictly lifting sessions, occasionally with a cardio circuit component.

On my short weeks I would do the same thing, but would be able to devote some extra time and TLC to my Friday lifting session compared to the norm.

Now, however, I’ve made some changes to both my exercise and diet program (we will get to diet next week).

The start of football season gave me a good opportunity to take a good look at whether what I was doing was really working.

I started at my new company this past March, and while the every other Fridays off are wonderful and something I look forward to, the schedule for the rest of the week has definitely been an adjustment.

It’s hard enough to get up early for a workout, but having to go in even earlier makes it more challenging.

For that reason I decided to give myself a break. Instead of working out three mornings during my long week, I’m only doing two sessions.

I was getting worn out and tired. I needed more rest but was fighting it all to get in an extra workout.  After a recent recovery week, I finally gave in and opted for more rest.

Now it’s two sessions during the work week only.

These two sessions are high intensity workouts that combine cardio and weights.

I feel better and more rested. I’d love to sneak in another workout, but this is what I needed and the rest sure feels good.

On the weekends I have a full work week, I do upper and lower body days as well as longer cardio workouts.

So, four days total on those weeks. I also keep moving in the evenings, whether it’s a walk or couch potato exercises, so I like to think that is bonus work. smile

On the weeks when I’m off Friday, I workout five days a week.

My first two workouts are the same as the previous week (HIIT with weights). However, on the Fridays I’m off, I work my back, shoulders, and biceps. I’ve also added a cardio session at the end.

On Saturdays it’s all legs. I also add a slightly longer, slow-steady state cardio session.

Sundays I work chest, triceps, and shoulders. This workout doesn’t take very long, so I’ll do another longer cardio session that day, too.

My diet has been on point, which also helps regulate the reduced workouts on my long work week.

I feel like I’ve struck a good balance lately. As hard as it was to cut one workout on my long weeks, it was needed and I feel so much better.

Perhaps in the coming months I will make some changes and add it back in, but for now I’m pleased with my current routine.

So there you have it! That’s what I’ve been up to these days. What’s your current routine look like?

Tuesday Things, 11 Nov 14

When football meets football
Does anyone else find it weird how the NFL keeps pushing American football on our British friends?

Guys. They have football.

We call it soccer.

Apparently it’s kind of sort of catching on, so maybe I’m wrong.

It just kind of makes me laugh.

One of my food dreams had come true


It’s no secret I’m kind of totally addicted to peanut butter.

I’ve always wished I could find one that had higher protein that I could buy at a regular store instead of online or speciality shop.
Naturally killing me. Peanut butter and added protein!? Dead. 😍
This peanut butter.

Help me.

This stuff has flax for added omegas plus pea protein for an extra three grams of protein than regular brands.

Sooo it’s safe to say this jar will be gone by the end of the week.

Zep-ity Do Da

Let’s talk cleaners.

I have no brand loyalty to anything. Half the time I go to the store needing one thing and coming out with another. 

They all promise the same things, but most are iffy at best for actually delivering.

I was lucky enough to get to try a couple samples of Zep the last time I cleaned my house.

The good news is that everything they claimed on the front of the bottles was actually true.

The Oxy spray handled yucky buildup, and the disinfectant not only cleans and deodorizes but also de-grunged too.

I have a feeling I won’t be so lost next time I head to the cleaning aisle.


This throwback
What is happening here!?

Brittny FLint-5 years old-is this a smile or what

I’d anyone disturbed like I am?

What are your making for Thanksgiving?

I need to borrow your inspiration.


I always bring much of the same, and I love all those things, but I thought it might be fun to change things up and being something new and delicious.

So fire away.

Hug a Vet
Finally, thank you so very much to all our veterans. I cannot express my appreciation for the sacrifices you and your families make.

I grew up an army brat my entire life, and have such a love for my country and service men and women because of it.

Brittny Flint-5 years old with Dad when he left for Germany

The time away, the moves, the changes… It’s not always easy, and I am so thankful for what you and your families do.

Thank you so much. Praying the Lord blesses you, keeps you and your families safe, and gives you wisdom and discernment in all you do.

Alright dears, that’s all for today! Check in tomorrow for more fun. 

The One When Will Decided to Sell Our Tickets& Look Ahead

I don’t know about you, but I saw Christmas decorations everywhere this weekend.

Less Thanksgiving, fall-type stuff. Lots more red, green, and all things Christmassy.

I decided to be okay with it and use it as an excuse to completely nest and bake this weekend.

Plus, while I certainly don’t advocate emotional eating, I have to admit the chocolate chip cookies I made Saturday night did fill a bit of a hole after the Sooner loss.

We will get to that soon enough.

I was off Friday and devoted the entire day to cleaning my house.

Oh man, it sure needed it!

I hadn’t given it a thorough and proper cleaning since the weekend before the TCU game, so yeah, long overdue!

I decided to workout before cleaning. If I didn’t I knew I wouldn’t! After the gym and the grocery store (guys, I scored pomegranates for 59 cents each!), it was all about tackling the house.

Hours later, I was done and started folding laundry when (thankfully!) Will rescued me.

Over the last several months, we’ve been keeping all out silver change (no pennies!) in a little container. We just mindlessly add to it as we accumulate extra change we haven’t yet used.

Anyway, we took the filled container to a Coinstar machine and I was shocked to find there was $75 in our container!

Remember that “guess the jelly beans in the container” game?

Yeah, I’m terrible at those things. I told Will I thought there would be less than $40.

See what I’m saying!? Point proven.

Anyway, we exchanged it for a gift card and treated ourselves to dinner that night, and have plenty of money leftover. Nice!

It’s been awhile since Will and I have gone out on a Friday because of his work schedule, so it was a nice treat.

Saturday. Ugh Saturday.

Can we skip over Saturday?

I was close to starting today’s post with my OU rant, but decided Christmas was a better lead, yes?

The good news was that I aced my leg workout that morning. I was sure it was going to be a terrific day. smile

Oh girls, I think you have a good idea just how much we love and support our Sooners. We are at every game, many away games, donate generously to the Sooner club, and cheer them on always.

All smiles before we got completely embarrassed.  OU-Baylor 7 Nov 14

But guys…

In all our years of attending games, I’ve never ever heard OU fans boo our own coaches/play calling. That’s just not the fans I know. However, as the frustration increased so did the muttering and mumbling, and before I knew it the section opposite us was booing the defense play calls.

It was ugly. Just like the game.

I know you probably don’t want my post game analysis, so I’ll keep it short. Let’s just say my dear Will, the one completely and utterly in love with the Sooners was as beleaguered as every other fan we encountered Saturday.

Aaaaand we are selling the tickets to our remaining two games, something we’ve also never done. Will lives for this time of year, so I was shocked. And kind of bummed. Sooner football is our thing, it’s what we do together. Maybe I can convince him otherwise?

Anyway, enough griping about things that ultimately don’t amount to much in this short life. Here’s to hoping they do better!

The rest of the day was nice. Will’s parents were at the game too, so we had a post game lunch at Ted’s.

After lunch, we headed home and caught part of several games while I made [and found myself at the bottom of a bowl of] chocolate chip cookies.

Sunday was the usual stuff, but I also spent a lot of time in the kitchen.

I made homemade Mac and cheese for Will’s lunch this week, protein packed veggie breakfast muffins for me, and vegan potato soup for dinner!

Busy bee.

I spent a large portion of the weekly evening parked on the couch with Will, watching football, blogging, and thanking God for my time with him.

A weekend full of small, everyday blessings. I’ll take it.

Another week begins, and it looks to be a bitter cold one for many of us in America. In fact, I put a ton of cold weather food on the menu this week to help warm us up with the weather chills to the bone. I hope you do too!

As for posts, here’s a look at what’s ahead this week:

-Tuesday Things
-Workouts Lately
-Life Lately
-Ezra Nine

Thanks for checking in, more fun to come! 

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