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Things I’m Loving Lately

Chick-Fil-A Iced Coffee


Officially dead now.

If you have an extra 150 calories for a treat and aren’t afraid of a little dairy, leave wherever you are, and go buy a medium Chick-Fil-A iced coffee NOW!!

Will and I went there for breakfast last weekend (they have good oatmeal for a fast food joint!) and they were giving these away for free.


So yeah. Super smart marketing tactic on their part, because I’ll definitely be coming back for more.

Mary Kay Translucent Powder
I’ve used lots of MK powders over the years, but bought their translucent powder for the first time ever last month (yes, even after being a consultant for a decade).

For years, I’ve worn their mineral powder, hit recently switched to their liquid foundation. Their translucent powder does such a good job of keeping everything intact the whole day.

No creasing, no melting.

I’m All Yours- Crystal Nicole & The Eternal Jam Machine

I am all about this song right now. It’s got a good beat for cardio, but also a little hip hop for when I’m in the weight room.


Suave Moroccan Infusion Dry Shampoo


I’ve been using Suave dry shampoo for years. The store was out of Suave Keratin, so I went with the Moroccan kind instead.

It seems to work just like the other type, but smells lovely! The other kind does, too, but this was a nice change of pace and seems to have a stronger scent.

I mentioned this in last week’s Thursday Things, but I also have to mention it as a new recent “like.”

During our snow days last weekend, we binge watched over half the season!

Snacks ala Kindergarten

For real.

I don’t know what’s going on, but if I’m wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Celery with (natural) peanut butter and rasins-also known as “ants on a log” to kids… And apparently adults who are kids at heart),

Peanut butter and jelly (hey it’s on healthy, grainy wheat bread, so it’s a little grown up, right?),

Chocolate (almond) milk

So yeah. More like kid snacks meet a grown up’s need to make them somewhat heathieir. Haha

iPhone 6+

During last weekend’s forever long AT&T outing (amidst our snow storm), we changed our phone plan, and Will got a new phone.

I’m not into having a mini computer as my phone (haha), but they’re definitely cool. I love the gold ones!


I have completely disconnected from all social media, including blogs (except my own smile ) and intend to keep it that way until the first weekend in April.

I’m trying to declutter my mind right now, and I’m praying its fruitful.

I thought I might go crazy, but it’s actually been nice. So much easier to be intentional and present.

That’s it for today, dearies. Anything you’re loving? 

The One With the Snowy Road Trip & Look Ahead

That one time we drove to AT&T an hour away in a storm to sit there for 3.5 hours. Wee!

That one time we drove to AT&T an hour away in a storm to sit there for 3.5 hours. Wee!

That one time we drove to AT&T an hour away in a storm to sit there for 3.5 hours. Wee!

Now we'll get to see the awesomeness of sitting behind a desk all day in charts and graphs 😂

Officially dead now.

That's my girl


She loves my pup pups

She loves my pup pups

She loves aunt Brittny's tea

An impromptu (and stupid!) trip to Will’s parents’ town to change our phone plans in the midst of a snowstorm (we sat there 3.5 hours and they still didn’t get it all right...), snuggles on the couch watching movies, church online, chores, pizza and play dates with my sweet niece (and time with my parents too!).

It was a very nice weekend. After the crazy snowy road trip, the rest was spent safely at home.

Check in this week for

Things I’m loving
My new favorite elliptical workout
Thursday Things
And more!

Wax On, Wax Off

Okay before we get going today, you absolutely have to watch this clip before you keep reading.

(We assume this user got proper permission to share this scene...)

Moving on-

This past weekend Will and had a mini 80s movie marathon, watching a couple of the Karate Kid trilogy movies.

Yes, I said trilogy.

Hey, I realize it’s not the Godfather or Star Wars, but there were three Karate Kids. Trilogy just sounded right.

We’re going with it.

Anyway, when I watched the above clip, my heart leaped (Leapt? Leaped? Help!) within me.

Leading up to that scene, Mr. Miyagi had poor Ralph doing nothing more than household chores.

Chores that were heavily labor intensive and took hours!

Wax the cars ("Wax on, wax off"),

Sand the deck,

Paint the fence,

Paint the house…

We’re talking major tasks!

I’m sure as Ralph slaved away, he wondered why he was stuck doing these awful chores when all he wanted to do was learn karate!

I’m sure we all would have.

I bet he sure was surprised when he realized how all those “chores” taught him major and fundamental aspects of the sport he longed to master.

When I watched this scene, I was reminded of our Savior.

We can’t see the future and only get one piece at a time in the masterpiece puzzle of our life.

God sees the big picture, and he knows our hearts.


So many times I’ve been “sanding the floor” or “painting the fence” wondering why oh why, only to see everything come together at the end.

Through these times, I’ve become better. I’ve grown stronger, wiser, and deeper in faith and trust.

Think about God telling Gideon to get rid of most of his army, God telling Joshua and the Israelites to walk around the walls of Jericho once a day for six days, or shepherd boy David being anointed as king years before he ever took the throne.

Think about what they must have thought.

Yet, through their obedience look what God was ultimately able to accomplish.

Same with us.

If we were simply up and able to do “karate,” (continuing with our movie theme here haha), there’s so many lessons we would have missed, and so many things we needed to learn but didn’t.

Those moments in the trenches give us opportunity to grow stronger in faith and trust. We may not know it until it all comes together, just as we see here.

I tend to think he does this to show His power and lovingly remind us just where all those mad karate skills came from (Yeah, yeah, enough with the movie references).

It all comes from Him and Him alone.

We are his vessels, and can be used in mighty ways if we are obedient.

He works for our good, and in obedient faith we believe He will accomplish the things we have not yet seen because of His true goodness.


Sometimes we don’t see it all come together until later, but if we are faithful with little, He will give us much more.

That’s it for today my, little black belts. wink

Check in Monday for more fun! 

Thursday Things, 26 Feb 15

I’m kind of going mildly crazy over Qdoba’s gumbo.

I love it with brown rice and veggies. So good for fast-ish food.

Sooo in the very near future we need to discuss my weird daily rituals for getting around each morning.

Today, however, we’ll just discuss the fact that Will often knows me better than I know myself.

He got me an early birthday present a couple weeks ago:

Early birthday present
The Eden Pure Bathroom Heater

This thing.


Will’s parents bought us our first Eden Pure space heater when we first moved back to the US.

We were used to much milder winters back then, and the Eden Pure was fantastic when the frigid air hit.

We ended up buying two more for the rest of our house.

This little thing, though, not only heats but also cools!

Which is perfect for me.

Like a space heater, but a space cooler...except both.

I pretty much always have a fan on when I get ready, even in the dead of winter.

I love the versatility of this thing and the fact that it’s like having an actual AC in the bathroom instead of just a fan.

I feel quite spoiled. Does my husband know me or what!?

Today’s TBT comes courtesy of a slide show I put together for P’s birthday.

Check out these gems.

Brittny FLint-14 yrs; Carissa-7 yrs playing on the trampoline

Brittny & Carissa at hockey game in OKC

Britt & Carissa-polka dots anyone

We’ve been stung

We recorded the new series Scorpion when it first aired, but never watched it until this week.

We’re pretty into it. Anyone else watching?

It’s no substitute for Parenthood, obviously, but at least it’s something new to try. 

I can’t wait until the cancel it and break my heart just like they do with every other show EVER.


Will is a truck guy.

Always had been, always will be.

In fact, I realized just how badly he wanted to marry me way back in 2003 when he sold his beautiful GMC so he could free up money for our condo.

Last year we decided 2015 was the year to sell the truck, but it hit Will harder than I thought it would, which makes me feel sad!

Sure the truck was old and paint was starting to oxidize, but he took care of that thing like it was brand new. He’s a truck guy, after all.

We’ve been without it a week, and poor Will is already having withdrawals. We won’t be without one forever, but I know however long will probably feel too long!

Snow day morning

Remember last week’s whining about wanting a snow day?

Well, we got snow this week. Enough for a snow morning. We got to go on two hours late, but no work from home snow day.

I did, however, get 9 hours of sleep. Fantastic!

A hot date

I think Will and I are going to take Layla on a date this weekend.

For the whole frozen yogurt experience.

You know, the place where you build you own?

Anyway, history shows Layla will build her own and eat half.


Maybe less.

Either way, there’s a large portion of deliciousness, complete with incredibly unhealthy toppings- all the ones I want but never pick.

I think you know where I’m going with this, ya’ll…

Alright, that’s all for now. Anything you care to share?

WIOW: Fancy Pants

Today we’re talking workout pants.



And the hotly debated topic (well… hotly debated in some circles, that is) regarding whether or not they’re appropriate in public.

I realize this isn’t exactly a workout post. However, considering we’re specifically talking workout pants, I figured today was the perfect place for this post. smile

Let me start off by saying- at this point in time, I haven’t made a it decision regarding the matter.

So I’m going in completely neutral.

Yet, I feel like there’s some harsh criticisms on both sides.

When a Christian blogger, wife, and mother, recently posted about her personal decision to no longer wear these types of pants in public, she received a firestorm of both praise and scoffs.

I can’t be sure, but I doubt she realized just how viral the post would go.

Yet, it brings up an interesting thought- should others dictate what we do or don’t wear?

I can honestly say, I see both perspectives, but I haven’t really made a decision on the issue.

Let’s take a look at just a couple points from both sides.

Let’s face it, yoga/workout pants make everyone’s body look great.

Especially the black ones.

They smooth dimples and sagging, and hug everything nicely.

Things just stay put.

They’re sleek and flattering.

They make our bad days better, and our good days great.

When I’m feeling pudgy from overindulging and find myself muffin topping over a pair of jeans, putting on a trusty pair of body hugging, slimming workout pants makes me feel better.

They’re confidence boosters. Feeling good is, good.

They’re functional...and comfortable.

And that’s the understatement of the year.

You’re not going to your kids soccer game and immediately to crossfit for box jumps in jeans.

You’re doing it in workout pants.

We’re hitting the gym and going to the grocery store.

We’re running a few errands, followed by yoga.

We’re living our lives, and we’re not going home to change clothes between acts.

Then there’s the comfortability factor.

They’re great.

They’re easy to move and do things in. Heck, I sleep in them the night before my workouts to give me one less excuse not to get up.

Oh yeah-

Here’s where I tell you I live in these things for a huge portion of the weekend.

You may think I’ve made up my mind, but the recent debate has actually got me thinking.

So those are just a couple pros, but anyone who has worn workout pants knows there are many more.

Similarly, though, there’s plenty of cons too. Let’s just look at two.

Sometimes they’re...well worn.

If you buy good gear, you can wear it for years.

Sometimes, though, all that wear causes sheerness, tears, and holes in inappropriate places.

And you may not even realize it until you’re in Walmart and your husband tells you that you’ve got a sizable hole in the upper rear section of your pants.

Not that it’s ever happened or anything…

Hey, it was Walmart on payday weekend. I belonged.

My point is, sometimes we slap those trusted puppies on without much thought.

Getting up while it’s still dark and running in sheer, well-worn workout pants is quite different than being out and about at high noon.

It may be high noon, but there could be a full moon if you’re not careful!

Just like with any piece of clothing, we gotta make sure everything is...in tact.

If not, it could be rather embarrassing. Especially for girls who go commando…

Moving along-

I think there’s increased scrutiny about sheer, well-worn body hugging workout pants because…

They’re sheer,


Body hugging

Workout pants.

I get it.

Probably shouldn’t be wearing them to the yearly neighborhood picnic.

It’s all out there.

That’s the argument, anyway.

The slimming, body-hugging pants we love so much also don’t leave much for the imagination- especially when worn incorrectly.

And fashion offenders have ruined it for the rest of us.

It’s always that way, isn’t it?

Some critics argue wearing workout pants out and about is completely inappropriate. It makes it hard for men not to look and, er, admire God’s creation.

In Christian circles especially, there’s ongoing discussion regarding modesty, lust, and the fine line. (Good read!)

Is it wrong for women to wear them? Is she the culprit of a man’s inability to control his thoughts?

That’s another school of thought with lots of contention.

Final Thoughts

Yes, I love and wear workout pants.

I think they’re fantastic.

I wear them to workout, and I wear them to run errands.

But as a Christian trying to guard my own heart and live a life that honors God, I also see the argument that there’s a time and place for them...at the gym.

Honestly, I don’t know what I think.

I have a slew of super cute tanks with built in bras I used to workout out in all.the.time.

A couple of years ago I stopped wearing them to the gym.

Between the tight pants and the skin tight bra top tank, it just felt like too much...or perhaps I should say too little. Especially when it’s cold…

I’m already one of the only girls that lifts when I’m at the gym, and I didn’t want to draw even more attention to myself, so I stopped.

I made the decision.  Not because of others shaming or being hurtful, but because of considering all the factors of my personal and specific situation.

Now I wear my “uniform.” Workout pants and about five shirts I rotate.

I find I’m more confident and not worried about being cold, if everything is secure, or if people are staring.

I feel better, and I feel it was the right thing to do based on my personal conviction.

Perhaps that’s where we ought to start. I like the post I linked above because it mentions leaving room for the Holy Spirit in the discussion.

I haven’t prayed about it, and maybe that’s a good start.


What a long post!

Hopefully I’ve given us things to think about.

Now it’s your turn. I would love to hear your thoughts on the issue.

Comment below in the “share the love” section and let me know what you think.

Thursday Things tomorrow!

February 2015 Ipsy Review

February Ipsy was all about love, and pink, and red, and all good things!

Even the bag was Valentine-y in color.

I know I sound like a broken record- but I really enjoy this subscription, and rarely get any duds.

This month was no different. Let’s look inside!

Let’s talk eyelash curlers.

Do you use them religiously?

Are you the type that detests them?

Did you even know you could curl your eyelashes?

I’m definitely somewhere in between having no concept of an eyelash curler and using them daily.

I’m pretty much a once a week kind of girl.

Should I be using them more?

Eh don’t answer that. Even though I probably should, I probably won’t.

I usually only use them when my hair is up and I want to open up my eyes and look less tired. Ha!

Anyway, this Emite Makeup curler looks like a premium curler.


Pretty in red, and smooth to use.

Considering I’ve been using the same one since high school (for real. Don’t judge), um, I’d say it’s time to upgrade.

Hey, I told you I don’t use them much. Haha

I also got this Mitchell & Peach Fine Radiance face oil.


I really like this stuff. My first experience with this brand was with their hand cream, and I wasn’t a big fan.

This facial oil, however, is a different story.

It’s fantastic and smells lovely. 

I’m no stranger to oil on my face. I’m a big believer in them, and smear coconut oil on my face nightly.

This oil is fairly light and isn’t greasy at all. It absorbs quickly and left my skin very soft.

Definitely a good one.

Check out this Pretty Modelco blush in Cosmopolitan 01.


I think the color is very pretty and subtle. While I haven’t tried it just yet, I look forward to.

I already like the color, so here’s hoping it stays put all day and covers nicely.

I am pretty excited about this Eva Nye Up All Night Volumizing Spray


It not only adds volume, but also provides heat protection.

It smells absolutely wonderful. Very romantic and earthy.

I’ve used it twice, and it left my hair super soft and added a good amount of volume. I’m going to enjoy using this sample.

Finally, my favorite product this month.

The City Color creamy lip stain in Flirtini


I have, literally, over 30 open lip glosses and sticks.

It’s ridiculous.

They’re my kryptonite.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to open this one.

But I’m weak.

It goes on like a matte gloss but then eventually dries and leaves a nice, matte color behind.

It definitely has more staying power than lipstick or regular gloss, but I don’t think I’d rank it all that high on the “stain” category. Nonetheless, I really like this gloss/stain.

So Ipsy sends yet another winner. A 100% keeper, and three full size products!

The full size lip stain is $5, the eyelash curler is $14, and the blush is $22. That’s three times the price of the subscription and doesn’t even take into account the two samples.


So there you have it. If you’re interested in subscribing, let me know. I’d love to refer you!

Check in tomorrow!

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The Birthday Weekend & Look Ahead


Friday selfie

It's got spinach, so it's healthy, right?

Time for a birthday party

Time for a birthday party

Weekend things

Weekend things

Snuggle bug

Backseat driver

Weekly blood pressure checks for Heart Month (yeah, yeah, it’s high. What do they expect when you take it at work!?), Birthday party fun, lunch out with my sweetie, workouts, house stuff, food prep, an excellent message at church, dinner with my parents, movie marathon with Will (The Karate Kid 1 and 2 😊), and a little indulging.

A wonderful weekend of fun.

Check in this week for

-Tuesday Things
-The Workout Pants Debate
-February Ipsy
And more!

We’re getting snow today in the metro, but nothing to write home about. So much for my snow day! smile

Here’s to a good week and blessings. Check in tomorrow!

The God of When

I kind of feel like my Friday posts have been a bit of a downer lately.

Are you sensing this, too?

I certainly don’t mean for them to be. I want them to offer hope and encouragement. 

Yet, I kind of wonder if my current storm is inadvertently raining on your guys’ sunshine-y parade.

Nobody wants a Debbie Downer at their party, am I right!?

I’m going to be honest, Will and I are in the midst of a storm.

No, not Will and I as a couple.

Praise God, by His grace we are more in love than ever.

Other things.

Things I want to share and simultaneously don’t want to share.

Do you have these challenges too?

I’m sure we all have at one time or another.

I’m reading in Isaiah, and have found such deep and intimate hope over the last few weeks.

God knew I’d need it.

The passages are geared toward the nation of Israel, but they’re still so very applicable to all of us.

Not only that, but God’s new covenant in the New Testament confirms time and time again the tender love and mercies I’ve been reading in Isaiah.

Last week it was Isaiah 40:31, a verse I’ve read a million times. Only, last week I saw it with fresh eyes.

This week it was Isaiah 43:2-4.

I find this passage comforting.

Notice verse two doesn’t say “If” your go through deep waters, or if you go through rivers of difficulty, or if you walk through the fire of opposition.


It says, “When”.

When these things happen-

When you’re in over your head and don’t know which way is up,

When nothing makes sense,

When your heart feels awful and you’re suffocating on the inside,

When things don’t go the way you anticipated…


Not if.

When these things happen, He is with us.

When these things happen, we will not drown.

When these things happen, the flames will not consume us.

Because these things will happen.

We must remember, however, that God works for the good of those who love Him.

He looks to strengthen those whose hearts are loyal to Him.

He is with us in the midst of adversity and will never leave nor forsake us.

He is not the God of “if,” because he is the God that knows and holds all in his hands, and holds us so very tightly, too.

He is the God of when. Ever there and able to see us through every single step of the way.

Do you trust Him to see you through?

I am learning a new lesson on trust and faith, and I pray when the storms of adversity rise against you, the Lord works in your heart and guides you along the way.

Thanks for checking in and letting me be open today. I hope to share more in the coming weeks, but until then, we will pray, wait, and trust. ❤️

Thursday Things, 19 Feb 15

Soo last weekend Will and I thought we’d watch a movie, and gave Silver Linings Playbook a try.

Will thought it was about football.

I thought it was about ballet.

Clearly we were wrong.

We rarely give up on movies a third of the way in, but we did with this one.

Did we miss out? Please say no.

Since we are talking movies...

Did any of you see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty?

It was better than I thought it was going to be. We saw it twice, actually. Once when it came out, and again recently on TV.

I’m not going to lie, I’m not entirely sure why, but I got a little misty eyed in a couple parts. Real life.

On a side note, if you like Jose Gonzalez or Junip, the soundtrack is good, too.

Functional Workouts

Last weekend Will and I enjoyed some quality time with Layla.

We made the mistake of playing London Bridges with her.

Only, instead of making bridges with our arms and having Layla go through them, we made Layla the bridge.

I took her legs, and Will held her underneath her arms, and we swung her to the song.

Anytime we’d say London Bridges were falling down, Will and I would dip her down a little.

The kid loved it.

Will got quite the workout! He woke up sore the next morning.

Toddlers= great resistance equipment. Haha

Forgive me for saying this, but...

I could have really used a snow day this year.

Just one.

Or two.

(Yes, I realize some of you are facing snow drifts 26 times your height and want to punch me right now.)

We had a mild winter. Monday was our first real bout of “bad” weather this year, and it wasn’t even that bad comparatively.

I got to go in two hours later, and it was wonderful.

Let’s be real, not much beats being a kid and getting a whole snow day.

Quarter Century Mark

P turns 25 next week.

How is that even possible!?

I pretty remember her whole life, and her being 25 makes me feel old.

Where does the time go? I was 25 when we went on our most fantabulous three week vacation across the Mediterranean, and here we are, seven years later, and she’s the one that’s 25.

once again showing how we feel after a late night burger order
santorini girls

That makes me feel old.



There’s this giant television void now that Parenthood is off the air.

You’ve got your cop shows, your medical dramas, the mystery/fantasy thrillers, and CSI everything, but no shows about real life, day-to-day stuff.

Why does NBC hate us!?

Today’s TBT is brought to you by Cologne, Germany

Brittny Flint-2 years old at Cologne, Germany

Look at me posing. I crack myself up. 

That’s it for today. Anything you care to share?

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WIOW: My Go-To At-Home Friendly YouTube Channels

On days I just don’t feel like reinventing the wheel or doing one of my own at-home workouts, I rely on YouTube.


If you’ve never looked there, prepared to be overwhelmed by the amount of workout videos available.

I’ve been using YouTube as a helpful tool over a year now, and won’t go back!

I mentioned it being overwhelming, and I’m not kidding. There are HEAPS AND HEAPS of great resources.

The channels I’m sharing today are only a tiny handful of some of my usual fallbacks. Definitely check them out, as well as the many, many others out there for great at-home friendly workouts.

I’m also not a doctor, so obviously don’t run out and do all these without consulting one. smile

In no particular order, here are five great options. Here we go!


This channel is terrific!

It offers new workouts every single weekday from trainers like Jillian Michaels and Denise Austin.

They’ve got a little of everything depending on your mood.

Say you want to dance, they’ve got that. Feeling like HIIT? You’re covered. They even have Pilates.
This is a great and comprehensive spot for whatever you’re feeling.

Millionaire Hoy
If you’re looking for high intensity sweat sessions, this is your guy.

He’s got great workouts that can be done with a little space at home.

Sometimes I need something a little shorter, but on days I have time, these are great.

Fitness blender

Fitness Blender is a comprehensive workout channel led by a husband a wife team that offer literally hundreds of different routines.

They’ve got something for everyone and lots of different time and intensity options.

GRIT Certification Classes
Before an instructor can teach the super sweaty, high intensity and resistance GRIT class, they have to practice and get certified.

There are lots of great instructors that post their practice video on YouTube, and you can take the class right alongside them.

I’ve found so many great ones- but I’ve found not so great ones too, so be warned.

This is a new channel I just stumbled upon.

This channel is great if you need a super quick workout and don’t feel like coming up with one on your own. They’re all about 12-15 minutes and easily repeated if you want a longer workout.

Yes, there are lots more, but these are just a handful of my current go-to channels.

Thanks for checking in, and be sure to check these out and let me know what you think! 

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